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Reset Retreats Bali was created between three friends who have each had their own unique journeys through personal adversity. Through sharing their experiences, they began to recognise some common threads and saw the need for a space where others could come to heal and recharge. The spectacular natural setting of Ubud, Indonesia provided the ideal place for this to happen.

We’re not so much about ‘kumbaya’ as we are about keeping active and eating well. This Bali retreat is a pragmatic one: where you can work through problems with a qualified counsellor; learn from an experienced yoga teacher and wellness coach; gain perspective from others’ points of view and build confidence through physical challenges like white water rafting.

Our dedicated counsellor has over 25 years of experience across family, relationships, drug and alcohol issues and is uniquely qualified to provide strategies for a wide range of emotional roadblocks. If you’re searching for solutions and practical ways to optimise your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, then we welcome you at Reset Retreats Bali.