The Experience
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The Experience

True wellbeing is found through a balance of emotional, physical and spiritual health. At Reset Retreats Bali you’ll experience your own tailored program developed around these three facets, providing the ideal framework for change. Nourish your emotional and spiritual state through counselling sessions and varied meditations that are designed to help you view the world differently and find clarity in your daily life. Build your energy and strength through yoga, quality nutrition, wellness presentations, group training and spa treatments. Develop both your mental and physical resilience through white water rafting and a breathtaking sunrise hike up Mount Batur. The real benefit is that you can savour these experiences as a departure from everyday life, but also use them along with your personalised RESET maintenance plan as the foundations for a deeper shift upon returning home.

Reset Flow

Reset Flow is an invigorating way to start each morning while on your retreat. These daily sessions begin with a simple guided meditation using movements drawn from traditional yoga practices, Tai Chi and Qigong. The emphasis is on connection with breath as well as smooth flowing motions to prepare body, mind and spirit for the day’s activities ahead. Physically, Reset Flow is a gentle and stimulating practice that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, providing the ideal way to wake up and greet the new day.

Group Sessions

Quite often, it can take the reflections of those around us to awaken insights into our own lives. The purpose of our group sessions is to help you better understand yourself in the context of your relationships so that you can make more informed, healthy, and adaptive choices based on a deeper awareness of your feelings, interpersonal behaviours, reactions and patterns. These sessions are friendly, confidential spaces and are guided by our qualified counsellor who has over 25 years of experience across relationship, family, drug and alcohol issues.

Individual Counseling Sessions

Observing our thoughts, feelings, decisions, roles, relationships and so on can help us to build self-awareness and find the steps that lead to positive change in these areas. Doing so in the presence of an experienced counsellor can provide an invaluable objectivity to these observations and self-development, as has been well documented in research. Talking your issues and experiences over in these individual counselling sessions may help you to find the answers, closure or paths you’re looking for, through clear and pragmatic discussions (minus any of the mumbo-jumbo).


No trip to Bali is complete without experiencing the many benefits of massage, and at Reset Retreats we have sourced the very best practitioners in Ubud. Using traditional techniques, these local deep tissue and relaxation massage methodologies provide the perfect support for our physical and emotional RESET process. This type of massage is truly heavenly and incorporated into your experience here, with two one-hour treatments included as part of your package.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is perhaps the most traditional of our yoga practices. Postures are held at a comfortable point for 3-5 minutes, allowing time to alter the connective tissues that bind our muscles. This is not a difficult or challenging practice and will not require you to be super flexible. If practised over time, it will dramatically improve your posture and can also reduce aches and pains. Yin yoga is also a wonderful introduction to meditation, as we focus on our breath and the resulting sensations in incredible surroundings.


Over nine days we explore various meditative techniques to promote deep relaxation, healing and creative thinking, ranging from yoga to Tibetan singing bowl meditation. Some methods will strongly resonate with you, and we encourage these to be practised as part of your RESET maintenance plan. Sleep patterns and sleep quality are two things we really look to reset, which is why we offer an optional meditation each night. This 15-20 minute session is designed to calm the mind and place you in a position to achieve optimal sleep.


Ubud is one of the world’s centres of yoga practice and we are privileged to have some of the best teachers from leading studios teaching at our retreat. They will lead a variety of yoga styles designed for your RESET goals, customised for your own level of ability and flexibility. These practices draw from both modern and classical schools of yoga, including Vinyasa yoga which simply means “moving with breath”. All yoga sessions are conducted in a beautiful lush space outside the villa, perfect for its natural connection.

Group Training

To feel better, it’s good to get moving. Our group training includes an introduction to a range of basic strength exercises using bodyweight, interval cardio and core training, taking place both onsite and at a nearby gym. From strength training to yoga moves, the program will be tailored for your fitness and ability levels so you can work towards your best physical shape. Guidance, information and knowledge are also provided as part of your RESET maintenance plan so you’ll leave with your own effective and achievable exercise program.

White Water Rafting

A good challenge can really bring out our strength and spirit, and white water rafting is one of the most enjoyable and memorable ways to do this. You’ll ride the rapids of the Ayung River together with others in your RESET group, passing waterfalls and stunning views of rice paddies as we make our thrilling way downstream. Safety is our main priority and great teamwork is a must as we work together to traverse the rapids. At the conclusion of our epic experience we dine together – and debrief!

Wellness Presentations

We’re not just about helping you to escape your normal life – we’re about providing tools to help you reset and reinvigorate that life. Our fun wellness presentations cover a wide range of useful themes relating to all things wellbeing that can be applied in your everyday routines and decisions. These topics include: nutrition and fasting, sugar content and gut health, the ‘what, where and why’ of exercise, developing mental health plans for optimal function and the RESET Practice. Learn and apply, and you will notice a positive difference.

Spa Visit

At the end of your first week you’ll be treated to a spa visit to refresh, reflect and reset over herbal teas and tailored body scrubs. Hidden away in the blissful beauty of the Ubud rice paddies walk, the spa’s herbal sauna, salt water pool and open fire will enable us to treat any sore spots, completely relax and contemplate the week. We will take the opportunity to discuss around the fire what we have learnt about ourselves throughout the RESET process and hear from our fellow guests.

Mount Batur Hike

The perfect way to finish your RESET experience is to see the sunrise from sacred Mount Batur in the north of the island. We start early on our last full day of the retreat and trek for 1.5 hours, supporting each other and drawing on newfound nutrition, yoga practices and exercise skills. Guided silent meditation is practised along the way and as we arrive for the spectacular sunrise over the valleys below. We enjoy a simple healthy breakfast at the summit, then make our way back to Ubud.