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Watch this space for information about RESET 2020 contact us here info@resetbali.com


Our Bali retreats help people heal. Reset with our licensed counsellor, yoga, group wellness sessions and

activities including ropes courses and white water rafting – all in beautiful Ubud..


Find answers and closure with our licensed counsellor, group discussions and activities. read more…


Boost your physical wellbeing with plant-based nutrition, relaxation and fitness activities. read more…


An open-minded approach to spirituality through yin yoga, meditation and wellness classes. read more…

Reset your general wellbeing

MIND    |     BODY     |     SPIRIT

Reset Retreats Bali

Want to kickstart your fitness and health in a beautiful setting? Escape winter, reset mind, body and soul. Reset Retreats Bali provides a holistic approach to improving mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing without any of the new-age jargon. Stay at an indulgent Ubud escape and find practical solutions to heal and reset. Work through problem areas with our highly trained licensed counsellor in one-on-one and group sessions, as well as an experienced health and wellness coach covering yoga, meditation and physical fitness.


It’s true that if you eat well, move well and rest well, you’ll feel well. At Reset Retreats Bali, we aim to provide valuable techniques and practices that you can take and effectively apply in your everyday life.